About Joyful Bolognese | Susan Hagerty

Professionally over the years I have worked in corporate accounting, finance, auditing and executive recruiting in the Silicon Valley; been a teacher in public and private schools; raised my children as an only parent, the kids working our ranch along side me while home schooling; and been an avid fibre artist since childhood.

Having a lifelong love of animals, breeding began in the early 90’s with dogs.

I remember having a litter of pups in the whelping box when one of the kids, who was in their ‘terrible twos’ called for my attention. When I looked over, I was shown the mischievous nature of that child, who promptly got a time out while I phoned the vet for spay and neuter appointments for all the breeding dogs.

Timing is everything, and I clearly saw it was not the timing for breeding dogs with very young children! But three years later, alpacas had caught my heart and fascination! We started with three alpacas and grew to over 300, boarded and owned over the next 10 years. Closing the ranch after the economy fell was a very bitter sweet challenge, but it came at an appropriate time in our lives, as the kids were getting to the age of choosing and developing their own direction in life. I eventually found a job as the controller and bookkeeper for a small company. With this financial stability again, I was able to invest in and return to breeding dogs!

I have been retired from corporate life for several years and focus my attention on raising loving joyful puppies and supporting their new owners with this incredible breed!

Life is better with a Bolognese Puppy!