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Bolognese Breeder | Joyful Bolognese is based in based in California and is the premier Bolognese puppy Breeder in the United States.

You can be confident in the health and conformation of your puppy when you purchase a Bolognese from Joyful Bolognese!

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Foundation Breeder

As Joyful Bolognese is a foundation breeder of the Bolognese in America, we believe the health and integrity of your puppy and future generations is affected by the way in which our breeding dogs and their offspring are raised.

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Natural Rearing

We ascribe to a ‘natural rearing’ model for the strongest health. We practice and are prepared to support you in practices that will limit harmful daily exposures to chemicals and a lifestyle that would have a cumulative effect of shortening your new family member’s life. In addition, when your new puppy is ready to come home, he or she will have an excellent start on potty training, typically around 75% trained.

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Pet Care Guide

Each new family receives an extensive packet of information, including many links to products we use and recommend. Our attention is devoted to our dogs, their puppies and their new families and as such we are always available before and after going home for questions and support. The goal is to welcome any question you may have along the way.

We LOVE every single puppy! We know you will too!

Joyful Bolognese is a small family breeder of a rare breed of companion dogs, the Bolognese puppy. With 20 years of breeding experience in puppies, we focus our attention on natural rearing for the healthiest dogs, temperament and conformation. The Bolognese puppy is a hearty, healthy breed.

However, with so few reputable breeders, that translates into limited bloodlines here in the US. We began breeding Bolognese puppies with the strongest foundation stock available in the US, bred with males that have been in limited use here and held back the choicest puppies for breeding, and then imported additional bloodlines from the most reputable breeders in the UK and Europe.

It has proven to be a winning strategy; and the proof is in our puppies! They are hearty, healthy puppies, full of love and joy, with strong conformation! Every litter is evaluated by an independent expert.


Life is better with a Bolognese!